《上古卷轴Online The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle》Game Booster
Malus global servers provide low-latency acceleration for The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle
Deploy Date: 2022-4-5
Support Platforms: Windows

Game Desc: 开启ESO为期一年的冒险“布莱顿人不朽神话”,踏入这个横跨三个DLC和《High Isle》篇章的史诗冒险旅程。探索《The Elder Scrolls》系列中从未向玩家展现过的大地——高岛和阿梅诺斯。当你在体验英勇骑士文化的同时,还将穿越令人惊叹的白色悬崖、雄伟的城堡和险峻的森林。

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