《盗贼之海 Sea of Thieves》Game Booster
Malus global servers provide low-latency acceleration for Sea of Thieves
Deploy Date: 2020-6-3
Support Platforms: Windows

Game Desc: 无论是航行打斗还是冒险掠夺,《盗贼之海》都能让您深刻体验海盗生涯,成为自立为王的传奇海盗。多样的角色让您可以自由探索游戏世界,并自由选择与玩家互动的方式。

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i was struggling to find some software to help me watch NBA. This is so great. I love malus vpn.

Richard Liu

Malus is an excellent piece of software. It helps me with international game acceleration. And it is very fast with low latency. I love it and highly recommend it to everyone!

Aurora Y

This is by far the best and easiest game gas pedal I have ever used. It really solves my network problems such as latency, dropouts, lag, high ping, etc. It effectively improves network stability and reduces latency to the extreme.