How to delete my account?

Malus respects your rights and privacy. As a network service provider, we provide logout services in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.after deletion account will lose all functionality, and

  • Can not log in
  • Unable to re-register
  • Unable to retrieve any information
  • Unable to receive mail

Please register if you are sure you will no longer use it.accountSend email to [email protected] Explain the reason and wait for the administrator's confirmation before deleting the account, if you still have time left, you need to follow the refund agreement. If you want to cancel, please use registrationaccountSend the following email:

Register account: Email registered with Malus

Reason for cancellation: required, please specify

Or you can log out yourself in the Malus mobile client. The steps are as follows:

1. Open Malus APP and click [My-Account Settings]

2. Click [More] in the upper right corner

3. Click [Delete Account].