HD and smooth live broadcast

Want to live broadcast while overseas but the streaming is slow and the latency is high? Malus is individually optimized for live broadcast scenarios and specially selects low-latency live broadcast lines to break through the shackles of live broadcast and return you normal high-definition live broadcast images.

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Exclusive live broadcast scene, a good helper for streaming

Malus supports most live broadcasts and applications, and individually optimizes rule processing for obs, live broadcast Ji, and YY Voice. In addition, we also support the acceleration of live broadcast applications such as Huya Live, Live Broadcast Companion, Kuwo Live, and Douyin.

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Specially selected low-latency live broadcast lines back to China

Malus selects low-latency live broadcast lines for overseas live broadcast scenarios, and individually tests and optimizes them to ensure live broadcast stability.

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1-on-1 customer service support, solve problems online at any time

Official website online customer service, work orders, Facebook, Twitter, multi-channel communication. Professional technical customer service provides 1-to-1 support to help you solve problems in real time.

use immediately

Malus is the only easy-to-use accelerator on the market that supports accelerated overseas live broadcasts. Not only does it have low latency and high streaming bit rates, it can also accelerate the live broadcast of Chinese server games at the same time, which solved a big problem for me.

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