How to relieve regional restrictions from overseas《天行九歌》

Malus可以在海外加速高清观看《天行九歌 》,稳定快速不卡顿
首播时间:2018 地区:内地 语言:普通话

剧情简介:战国末年,七国最弱的韩国危若累卵,对外有强邻秦国步步紧逼,国内又有大将军姬无夜为首的“夜幕”几乎操控整个韩国。秦国大兵压境,韩国危在旦夕。此刻正是朝野上下一心、同仇敌忾之时,却发生了一件离奇诡谲的案件,大雨倾盆中军饷神秘消失,涉案之人先后死于非命。终案件落到了韩国相国之孙张良手中。韩非,这个别人眼中的纨绔子弟,竟自愿卷入这场权力的游戏之中。前路危险莫测,敌人强大而狡猾。公子韩非联手鬼谷传人卫庄,与张良、紫女等人组建 “流沙”组织,欲借法家的现实理论,以及对人性的深刻剖析,逐渐拨开层层迷雾。然而,危机之下暗藏更大漩涡...权力纷争下,他们将如何守护自己的天地? “天行九歌”是玄机科技旗下“秦时明月”的双子星品牌,大预算、大制作、大宣发,是一部战国题材3A级玄幻动画大作,是一部超高颜值的权谋史诗,该剧将引领观众进入战国末年,风起云涌的大时代中,战国七雄在乱世中群雄并起,百家争鸣。

Use Malus immediately to accelerate


Malus 简单易用,只需三步即可轻松开启天行九歌加速

Lift regional restrictions and accelerate viewing《天行九歌》

Malus accelerator can lift the restrictions on overseas regions with one click, accelerate the visit to China audio and video, simultaneously domestic chase dramas, and enjoy domestic audio and video resources quickly
Not opening Malus
In foreign countries, I want to watch TV series and listen to music. I often encounter unable to watch. Popular dramas cannot be chased.
Use Malus back to China to accelerate
Use Malus back to China to accelerate
Use Malus immediately to accelerate

Malus accelerator is suitable for various return acceleration needs

Whether it's playing games, watching videos, listening to music, doing live broadcasts, all support acceleration
Global game acceleration
Full support for international services and national service games, super stable 0 packet loss, multi -platform use, Windows, MacOS, iOS, android can be used
Music, video acceleration
Malus can accelerate Chinese audio and video software, including but not limited to Bilibili, iQiyi, Youku, Netease Cloud Music, QQ Music, Tencent Video, CCTV ......
Live acceleration
Professional return to the country to ensure low latency live broadcast, YY voice, live broadcast Ji, OBS push flow to run smoothly, in addition to support the side games, live broadcast
Office, learning and stock
Malus meets the needs of multiple scenarios such as office, learning, and watching stocks, data security encryption, and privacy protection. Overseas returning to China to accelerate, a Malus is enough
Download MALUS accelerate now天行九歌

Malus accelerates more film and television programs

Malus can accelerate most Chinese TV series, movies, live broadcasts, and there have been no trouble since then

Why do users love Malus?

There have been 500,000+ users after launch 3 years, and it has been recommended by 5000+ users, with an average score of 4.9 (out of 5). We will work hard to make Malus perfect for our users.

i was struggling to find some software to help me watch NBA. This is so great. I love malus vpn.

Richard Liu

Malus is an excellent piece of software. It helps me with international game acceleration. And it is very fast with low latency. I love it and highly recommend it to everyone!

Aurora Y

This is by far the best and easiest game gas pedal I have ever used. It really solves my network problems such as latency, dropouts, lag, high ping, etc. It effectively improves network stability and reduces latency to the extreme.

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The Eight Advantages of Malus

Malus can meet various needs for accelerating your return to China from overseas, supporting acceleration for audio and video streaming, gaming, live streaming, and office applications.
Global selected dedicated lines
Malus provides global professional return-to-China routes, constantly upgrading and maintaining to improve bandwidth, meeting the acceleration needs of overseas Chinese returning to China from any region or country.
Unlimited traffic
Malus does not impose any traffic restrictions on either VIP or free users, so you can watch videos and listen to music without any worry about data usage.
High-definition and smooth
Malus uses its unique global node edge acceleration technology, which enables intelligent server routing and professional stability, to ensure smooth and high-definition video playback and gaming without lag.
Intelligent routing
Based on the user's geographical location, the system intelligently identifies the optimal route, and with just one click, you can lock onto the fastest route. At the same time, you can also manually switch to other routes.
Multi-scenario support
Meet multiple needs and scenarios, supporting music, video, games, and live streaming. With the unique enhancement mode, you can even play games on Chinese servers, live stream, and listen to music.
Game acceleration
Selected global game acceleration routes to speed up all types of online games with low latency, no packet loss, and super stability. One account can be used on multiple platforms.
Support for all platforms
Malus supports installation and usage on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and TV. It can be installed and run on up to 5 devices simultaneously per individual user.
All-round customer service support
We treat every user as a friend, and any questions or issues they have can receive prompt responses and solutions. We believe that good support is an essential component of a good product.

Malus可以帮助在美国,加拿大,英国,日本,香港,台湾、澳大利亚等海外各个国家和地区的华人解决国外如何玩天行九歌国服的问题,加速在Windows PC、苹果iOS手机、安卓Android手机等各个平台下回国访问的速度。