Overseas students buy a Malus member

Exclusive 50 % off discount

Education mailbox free application
Exclusive 50 % off discount

Malus has been launched for more than five years, and has received the enthusiastic support and encouragement of overseas students overseas. We hereby launch educational discounts for international students users. Student users who register and certify through the education email address can enjoy a 50 % discount on membership.

Accelerate audio and video, campus network support

Malus supports accelerating global games and mainstream domestic audio and video applications, and adopts professional game routes to meet the accelerated needs of overseas students. In addition, the Malus accelerator has excellent technology to ensure that it is used normally in the campus network

Holiday pause service

The remaining membership time of returning to China will not waste, and the Malus accelerator provides intimate holiday suspension services. It does n’t need to save you, do n’t spend money, and the Chinese accelerator who is cost -effective. Studying abroad is more comfortable than anyone else.

Education discount application step

Step 1: Register MALUS Member


apply immediately
Step 2: Certification campus mailbox

Go to the personal center, click to confirm the mailbox button to complete the mailbox authentication process

Step 3: Buy a Malus package

Log in to the account, go to getmalus.com/buy official website to buy, select the education discount coupon

common problem

What are the conditions for applying for education discounts?
As long as overseas students or teachers have (school) education email, register for Malus members, and after passing the mailbox certification, you can obtain a 50 % discount education discount and 30 -day members who are delivered.
I am an international student, but what should I do if I do n’t have an educational mailbox?
If your school does not provide an educational mailbox, please click on the online customer service in the lower right corner of the website to provide us with your student ID, or the relevant study abroad certificate. After we verify, we will manually review it.
What will happen to my account when I graduate or leave school?
Since successful certification education discount users, you can have 12 months to buy Malus members. If you are no longer a student at the end of this period, your preferential qualifications will be invalidated.